How private is private?

Some rights reserved by Roebot

I thought this picture from an iPhone Facebook app was really interesting to contrast with the previous video I posted of Mark Zuckerberg talking about privacy and control because this shows that people don’t have full control over their information. I know lots people have iPhone Facebook apps and no one has asked me yet if I’m okay with Facebook having information about me…


2 thoughts on “How private is private?

  1. I was never asked to agree with this when I downloaded the Facebook iPhone app!
    While we are aware with the dangers of Facebook having all your details, what about kids who received a new iPhone for Christmas and downloaded the app? Children are so innocent and ignorant to the dangers of the Internet. Mind you, I do feel that the older one is, the more wary and paranoid they seem to be about Internet privacy. For example. our parents’ generation are anal about the dangers of the Internet while our generation who have always grown up with the Internet are far less concerned. Maybe by the time that the next generation are entering the workforce they will be completely desensitised to it? Who’s to say that we are just being completely neurotic and really it doesn’t matter if Facebook knows our age and relationship status?

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